Monday, January 16, 2012

Lizard in my Pot

Hey ya'll 

It's been awhile and while I certainly have a lot of butterfly posts stored up in my 'drafts' section just waiting to be published, I thought of sharing this funny anecdote with you instead. I was supposed to make rice today, nothing fancy about it... just plain white rice. Problem was, it's been quite awhile since I last made rice and so even though I knew the general principal of it, I wasn't sure how much water needed to go into the rice pot. Trying to play it safe I decided to go with one inch of water over the layer of rice. Turns out, one inch was way too much because when I next checked to see if it was done, the rice was.... well, somewhere in between rice and porridge, that is to say it was pretty sticky! But no harm done, I just cooked the rest of the dishes and we had a delicious dinner of prawns, omelet and very sticky in-between-rice porridge (which really wasn't that bad!). 

Problem is... we're infested with lizards right now. Under the fridge, in between the cabinets...they're everywhere! Always have been for the past couple of years../ and I suppose, we've been housemates for so long that the little guys have started to get extremely comfortable living with us. Meanwhile, while we were having dinner, I suppose this is my fault because I forgot to close the lid on the near empty rice pot and our little housemate must have lost his grip from the cabinet overhead and fell right in! Normally I'd say lizards are natural acrobats and can climb on almost any surface, but I suppose the fall must have dazed this one because it didn't leave. In fact, not till I was about to wash the pot later did I notice it in there. 

I tried shaking my pot to see if he would climb out but I realized then that he had gotten quite stuck, trapped in the hardening mire that was my sticky in-between-rice porridge. I suppose most people would have freaked out at this but me being, well... me, I felt more sorry for it than anything and spent quite awhile removing the bits of hardening porridge from his limbs so I could extricate him from his predicament. I was quite gentle, I think, and he rewarded me by not shedding any appendages into the pot. Before long the lizard was out, no worse for the wear but in slight need perhaps of a good wash.

Upon Weiyan's insistence, we have named him Gummy, before promptly releasing him back into the household. 



zzanyy said...

YIKES!! Reminded me of the time when I left my mug with just a little bit of Coke in it overnight and I found the biggest lizard I ever saw in the mug. My mug was rather big and the guy practically filled the mug. Naturally, I shrieked like the little girl that I am and asked for help.

Cyren said...

Haha, it seems these lizards are all adapted to eating human food these days!!! Who needs to catch insects when they can steal a bite of porridge or a sip of coke yeah?

catchherfart said...

Goodness. are the lizards usually that calm???!? How do you even slowly and gently remove sticky prorridge from its legs! Seriously, the lizards in a.malaysia household and a singapore household is asdfghjkl different.

Brittanie said...

Looks like some sort of gecko. Idk....don't know my lizards too well. Cute fella. So these are just running through your house right now?

E.P.I.C WIN! Only lizards I've seen/held are my friend's Bearded dragons and we certainly don't have them running through the house let alone in our rice (yours sounds delicious btw) my mother would kill me!!

Cyren said...

Hahaha yes Brittanie!!! They are some sort of geckos and are quite small actually. Smaller than a human palm (Minus the fingers!)

They are all over the place and they're not pets either! No idea how they got in but they must breeding around somewhere because they will show up in the most unexpected of spots. I think there are several living under the refrigerator as of this moment. Meanwhile we've never been so free of mosquitoes!