Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Yam Hawk Moth (theretra nessus)

Hey ya'll

Just getting things out of the way, I wanted to upload pictures of this very impressive and large hawk moth I found resting over the door to my house a couple of months back.

I've identified it as the Yam hawk moth (theretra nessus) with a little help from my friends but I must say that I  know little to nothing else about the insect's life history. Perhaps with a little more time and research I can find out more on this beautiful moth. 
Anyway, I hope 2012 has been treating everyone well. For me things could not have been more stagnant which is perhaps the unfortunate stage during those in-between moments in everyone's lives. Pupae moments, I like to call them, for they remind me of nothing more than the inactive pupation stage of many insects that go through complete metamorphosis.

Speaking of complete metamorphosis, it is quite unfortunate that almost all my caterpillars seem to be afflicted with a particular ailment that makes them pupate improperly (they fall off the cremaster during pupation which causes them to become deformed) and many more do not make it even to the pupation stage, seemingly shriveling inside their old skins as they attempt to molt. Any entomologists out there able to enlighten me on what's going on here??? 


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