Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lime Swallowtail / Papilio demoleus

Hey ya'll

Just a quickie! Thought this would make a lovely picture of one of the butterflies I'm more accustomed to raising! In the meantime I've never been busier (being a virtual maid to the holidays) as there is just so much to do. Chinese New Year really is a lot of work!!! What with the house cleaning and the customary visits and all that. Phew! Since when did holidays become such a workout.

Meanwhile~ Gong hei fatt choy everybody!!!!


Brittanie said...

I can't stop looking at it!! *.*

Is Papilio demodocus a synonym for P. demoleus? They're so similar.....

I had seen one of these (I believe or something similar) at the exhibit. Such a beautiful butterfly......who's Taxonomy is confusing me atm. ^^;;

Cyren said...

YES! They are very similar aren't they? But I believe they are two separate and distinct species. If you look at Papilio demodocus with its wings closed behind its back, you will see that the patterns underneath are quite different!

Brittanie said...

Oooooooh Will be researching these!! Blogging full steam ahead!