Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ray Says: Camel Love

It seems like 2011 was just yesterday and now, it's already the third week of January. Time sure doesn't wait for anyone to enjoy their holiday. Speaking of that, I went to Shenzhen, China recently. Supposedly, it was my dad's present for my birthday but it was his company trip which he used as an opportunity (or excuse) to give me something. Since arrival, I did not enjoy one bit of it due to the inhibition of my dad and brother and I couldn't even celebrate my birthday with my loved one (you know who you are :P). Plus, all my travel planning went to waste.

Regardless, one particular venue did make it worthwhile even though the time staying there was limited. It's called Window of the World or in Mandarin - 世界之窗 It's one of Shenzhen popular attraction. As you can see from the pictures, all the famous landmarks across the world are here. Some of them are cheap knockoffs of the real thing but hey, it was the closest for me to see all the wonders of the world (it's my dream to travel around the world).

The entrance to the theme park - the Eiffel Tower stood as the tallest monument overlooking the whole place

The Lourve Pyramid welcoming us to the theme park

So I had tons of picture of all the great landmarks taken but I ain't gonna post them here. However, one thing made my visit all the more memorable there.

Ain't it the cutest thing you ever see. It was to me. She was a beauty. True enough, camel has their name originated from Arabic word, ǧml, meaning beauty. As most people know, these desert ships can travel far and wide throughout the scorching desert for days without collapsing. But they tend to eat whatever they think is food. Take my map of the park and bottle for examples. It almost took a bite out of them.

It's anyone's guess where I found them displaying the lovely beast. Egypt! At least, it was the park's version of Egypt. There were 4 Egyptian landmarks and one of them was the famous Pyramids of Giza. I didn't get to go into the pyramid as they didn't build an entrance to it. Plus, the desert area was off-limits. One could only look fro afar. I would like to see the real Pyramids next time if possible.

Back to the camel, it was my very first time riding it. Though the location wasn't exactly right, I couldn't care less and without even asking about the price of riding one, I just went directly up to it and pet it. It didn't take in notice of me petting it and it just stood there, majestically. I was awed by it. In addition, it was tamed and lovable. Once I got on it, I just didn't want to get off, even with my dad pestering at me.
So there you go, that was my first time encountering the desert mammal. It really made my day then cuz the rest of my day sucked. Long shall I wait for my next encounter with the beast again.

The dude behind is my bro, just to be clear =D

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