Friday, January 20, 2012

Ray Says: Bioterrorism

Has any of you heard of the term bioterrorism? Unlikely, unless you play games like Resident Evil which centers around bio-warfare through the use of viruses and bacteria. I will get back to that in a bit.

Bioterrorism is not your typical terrorist attack. It doesn't necessary require the use of bombs, explosives or any other weaponry that you would normally find in the news. No. According to Wikipedia, bioterrorism is a form of terrorism involving a deliberate release of biological agents. These terrorists intentionally release infectious organisms to the targeted population, rendering mayhem and mass destruction. The process is gradual.

The scary thing about this act of terrorism is that you never know when it will hit you. Of course with bombs and explosives, you will hear it within a couple of miles away. However, bioterrorism or biowarfare is subtle and discreet. The virus or bacteria released could result in typical symptoms of common flu or other minor ailments. When it hits, we wouldn't realize it instantly and we would just carry out our daily routine, infecting others in the process. When the infection reaches its maturity, it would be too late as thousands of others have already contracted it. Stopping it would be futile. Though it has nothing to do with bioterrorism, the film, Contagion, proves how easily a virus is transmitted by mere touch or inhalation.

There are a number of cases of bioterrorism throughout the last few decades, none were as serious till the extent of total eradication of human population. That is why, if one wants to get a good picture of how devastating bioterrorism can be, I introduce Resident Evil. Yes yes, the games and movies have zombies in them but I'm also interested in the idea how a single virus (T-virus to be exact) can cause the downfall of a metropolitan city (the fictional Raccoon City). The rising dead is just added excitement to the series but the franchise did show the horrors of what would become if bioterrorists were to use biological agents to attack a place. As soon as the virus or bacterium hit us, we are already dead.

Sorry about the morbidity but I do like myself a good zombie franchise as entertainment. Fans of the franchise are lucky because an array of RE goodies are released this year. First off, you have Resident Evil: Operational Raccoon City. After you're done with the game, you can buy some popcorn and relax as you watch the latest sequel of the RE movie franchise - Resident Evil: Retribution in 3D. Just between you and me, they are not doing the movie franchise any good. Thus, I propose a reboot. After that, you can enjoy yourself with another RE game - Resident Evil 6. An interesting note for RE 6: there's a viral campaign going on and one of them is this video (link).
Click all the links above and it will direct you to the respective videos. Hope I make a fan out of you ;)

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