Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Titillating Tadpoles pt. 3 ~ In Arms Way

Hey ya'll

the little toadlets that I collected from a few days back have finally reached the stage in their lives where they begin to sprout arms. I'm not sure how/when it happened really as I never even saw the little arm-buds emerging but perhaps the process is a lot quicker than that. I'm thinking what really happens is that these limbs develop inside the body and don't emerge until it is pretty much ready to come out (which is very different from the development of the legs, which start off as little trailing extensions). At any rate this means that the little toadlets will be about ready to start walking on land soon! Yipes!!! I'm so unprepared for this!!! Time to start coming up with solutions on how I can help them make the transition. In the meantime check them out!!! They kind of look a lot like newts at this coming of age stage.

Speaking of coming of age, I'll be turning 23 soon... in precisely ten minutes, to be exact. Not sure how I feel about it. Kind of scary, if you think about it... especially when you look at it as if I'm now approaching what would be (if I am lucky) the quarter mark of my life. But away with such morbid thoughts! Life is meant to be celebrated, and I intend to go about doing so to the very last minute!!!!



Vincent~ said...

happy birthday dude! =D

Edwin said...

Happy B'day.