Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Melanocyma faunula (The pallid faun)

Hey ya'll 

sorry I don't have much time to write. The week has been simply quite hectic but as usual, I really do enjoy what I do so I am not sure if I am to complain that I love my work too much, or if my work is really starting to get the better of me. Nonetheless, this rather beautiful butterfly has been on the spreading board for quite some time now and what better moment really to share it with you guys than this short moment of respite I have. 

On a separate note, I had a most interesting conversation with a man today who introduced me to a species of mantis I never before knew existed!!! I'll be blogging about this very beautiful insect (the mantis) within the next few days but first, I would love to conduct a little bit more research on it. All I know thusfar is that it is one of the rarest of mantises and can only be found in Southeast Asia!!! It is rumored that a single specimen can fetch up to RM1500 in some countries!!! Raising and breeding them in captivity however, now that's something I would love to explore as an amateur entomologist. 


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