Saturday, March 10, 2012

Titillating Tadpoles pt. 2 ~ Baby Steps

Hey ya'll 

It's just been slightly over a week since we first got our tadpoles and they must really be enjoying their diet of algae, decaying leaves and fish food because some of the larger ones have already begun to sprout the beginnings of tiny little legs! I find the process extremely interesting because these "legs" pretty much start of as tumor-like buds that eventually extend and give shape to toes!!! What's also interesting is if you turn the tadpole to its side and hold it up against the light you will notice the formation of other organs as well, the beginnings of a pair of lungs and what I suspect are a pair of "tumors" that will soon erupt from the tadpole's front to produce it's front pair of limbs! 

Oh! I just hate how "wizened" my palms look when I photograph it up close like this!!!
In the meantime I suppose I need to start taking serious consideration into what I am going to do with the little toadlets when they emerge. Also, note to self: Install floating island in fresh-water set up to provide toads with place to metamorphose! 


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brenda sanabria said...

AWWW SOOO CUTE!! btw where u from?? :) if u dont wanna say then dont ;P haha probablyy want me to shut up :)