Sunday, March 4, 2012

Anthologies of Keric the Arachnid pt. 6 ~ Self-Grooming

Hey ya'll

If I told you that spiders are rather clean animals I suppose some of you might never believe me, but here at my little menagerie, our resident arachnid Keric, makes it a point to groom himself regularly. These sessions, which can last up to an hour at times, are extremely amusing to watch and while some days he may focus almost entirely on the front portion of his body, most days are spent smoothing and polishing the hairs that decorate his rather large and bulbous abdomen. It is really quite a sight and I caught him again in the act earlier this evening. Fortunately for me I had my phone nearby but though I sat and filmed for almost an hour, he did not treat me with the sight of him cleaning up his hind quarters. Here's a short clip of the video I took which might give you a bit of an idea what these sessions are like.

Personally I would say that it reminds me of nothing more than a cat licking behind its ears, although I'm sure a rather large number of feline admirers (who might also, incidentally, be arachnophobes) might object to this statement heartily. Oh well, to each his/her own I suppose! And on that note, I shall leave you with the last post for this weekend! Next week promises to be the busiest yet, what with me taking over several classes for Caryn and my performance gig right after that!!! Phew! 


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