Sunday, March 11, 2012

My beautiful Thai Girl

Hey ya'll 

First of all let me apologize for two things. Firstly, for any racial stereotyping I might have inadvertently participated in with my flagrant use of a title here and secondly, for the misleading nature of this post's title (I was trying to have some fun... so sue me! *ps. not to be taken literally!) for I was not in fact referring to the beautiful ladies of our neighboring country but rather, the equally beautiful female of the Siamese Fighting Fish (betta splendens). I have been scouring the fish shops for these females for several months now... they can be SO HARD TO FIND!!! I don't know what it is... a few years back they were practically everywhere. In fact fish shop were pretty much giving them away for free, and today I had to pay as much as RM12 for mine!!! That's a rip off if anything, but I'm hoping when she does produce with one of my choice males the color combination of the offspring will be worth it! 

Betta splendens female

I've started the breeding set up by placing them side-by-side in the "Getting to know you" tanks. Expect updates within the next two weeks or so... WISH ME LUCK!!!


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