Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Insect Zoo

Hey ya'll

of all the dreams and aspirations that I've had over the years, there has been one long standing one that I have always wished to accomplish, and that is to someday open Cyren's Insectarium/Insect zoo... a tropical green-house like setting where I can house a multitude of insects that will be open for visitors to come and learn about these amazing creatures, and hopefully dispel some of the negative stereotypes about insects. So many environmental/conservation efforts are focused on the prolific and typically "cute/majestic" animals like Rhinoceros and Pandas but not many have explicitly acknowledged and promoted the importance and values of some of natures smallest and most often overlooked of inhabitants. I took part in a contest recently, by AmBank that will hopefully bring me one step closer to reaching this dream of mine! As such, I would greatly appreciate it if you could vote for my video entry.

Simply follow THIS LINK, "like" the Facebook page and then choose to "vote now". My entry is in the "videos" section and will contain the following video.

SO SORRY IF I COME OFF ENTIRELY TOO AWKWARD!!! It feels weird talking to a camera.



ichimaru akira said...

erm.. the ending is a bit weak

Cyren said...

Hahah can't be helped anymore, I already submitted the video. Anyway, thanks for commenting.