Monday, December 5, 2011

Why did they name a butterfly after the Mormon sect?

Hey ya'll!

It seems this week is a great time for butterfly-births! Today saw the eclosure of the adults of one of my first batch of swallowtail caterpillar, the common mormon (Papilio polytes).

While it is a rather common butterfly in most south and southeast asian gardens, the common mormon butterfly derived its peculiar name from the mormon sect of America. This is a reflection of the act of polygamy (multiple spouses) which is practiced by this sect as the females of the mormon butterflies (of which Papilio polytes is but one) have multiple forms leading early naturalists to observe that the uniform male butterfly appeared to copulate with multiple diverse females.

interesting, isn't it?


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solovemeself said...

out of curiosity, where you found all those butterfly or the caterpillars ? and what are you working as if you don't mind me asking? nice blog you got here. hooked up reading this when i'm supposed to study. LOL~