Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Butterflies galore!

Hey ya'll

It's been extremely boring over here at my end and short of re-watching the Justice League series and fanboying over Teddy and Billy (Hulkling and Wiccan from Marvel Universe), there's really nothing left for me to do. As such, I decided to use what time I have just admiring some of my butterfly specimens. I suppose I have come quite a long way, for a collector who only began in earnest about a year ago and, along with giving them a good spray of insecticides (it's good to keep away the pests every once in awhile) I also took some pictures of them to share with you here. The butterflies are stored in boxes with gel silica and are on display in my room. 

Lovely, aren't they? Natural pieces of art that have been preserved indefinitely as long as I take good care of them. A pity that their lives are so short and ephemeral. To give you guys a better idea of collection... 

Anyway, looking at all these butterflies have just got me thinking, what am I possibly going to do with them when I move out... or go away? Possibly donate them to a museum somewhere... you reckon our national museum would appreciate its share of butterfly specimens? But why am I even thinking that far! I just love looking at them! 

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solovemeself said...

oh wow. your collection amazes me. never seen those big colorful wings around though. and i never knew that we can breed butterfly. huhu. so u kept them and fed them like a pet then breed them? interesting hobby.

congrats on graduating and good luck for the new job yeah~

i'm still in medical school. few more years till i grad. sigh..

p/s: pardon the late reply and yeah i don't have any chatbox. that blog is just for me to write when i don't have anyone to talk to.