Saturday, December 17, 2011

Growing up Creepie pt. 7 ~ 'Tis the season for Lights and Moths!

Hey ya'll 

The holiday seasons have always been a time for beautiful things to come out of hiding. Christmas lights and decorations, like so much jewels and gold, that had been tucked away in their cardboard coffins for over a year are once again dug out from their secret locations to festoon houses and streets. Shopping malls all over the city begin to boast extravagant displays of holiday trees, and even certain people who have generally been selfish and anti-social all year cannot help but peek their heads out of their hidey-holes to look at all the beauty and wonder around them.  Indeed, this was perhaps the same way I found myself stalking the shopping malls of Kuala Lumpur yesterday (breaking my usual routine of personal solitude) looking for Christmas presents for friends and loved ones even though I had barely enough money to get myself through the month as it is. 6 hours, four shopping bags, and two very tired feet later I found myself significantly poorer than I had been when I set out that morning but still quite content with all the items I had purchased, none of which were for me. I suppose it is true what they say: that it is at times like these when the good in all human beings can't help but come to the surface (if only for a second). I'm pretty sure I'll be singing a different tune when January comes along... but you know, carpe diem!

But it seems, just as many people have gotten lost in a haze of good-will, that during this time of the year, the Universe returns to those who give as well and on my way home, I managed to find something for my self after all. It was a beautiful hawk moth, large and strong with long, tapered wings in various tones of brown and cream, tinged with beautiful orange and pink scales that ran from the base of each wing into two lateral stripes along its abdomen. A most stunning specimen it would make as an addition to my collection and I carefully netted it and whispered my thanks. 

The Yam hawk moth (Theretra nessus)
I suppose (in some vaguely child-like and superficial way) that everyone does get a chance at happiness during the holiday season! Indeed, it only seems fitting (before my hermit-like tendencies take over again) that I make the use of this joyous haze (induced, possibly by my recent fortune) to go out and volunteer at a home, or do something charitable, to make the most of it!

All I want for Christmas this year, is for our happily ever after, to last for ever after, after all.

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Nature Rambles said...

Hello Cyren!

Thank you for the details on the butterfly I found. Now I must study them, instead of comparing pictures only! I hope I can ask for your help as well if I need to ID them sometimes.