Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ray Says: Adventure

In recent news, Kim Jong Il died. But enough about him, this blog is about me and Cyren. Yay!!!

Anyway, I have been a brat to Cy due to my need for constant adventure and excitement. I would pressure him to take me somewhere, travel to a new unknown location and even propose the idea to walk from one end of KL to the other just for the fun of it. Seriously, I can never sit still and just count the minutes that are wasted from my life.

Not wanting to see me moody :P , Cy finally took me somewhere. Budget was of course a problem for poor saps like us so we settled on much more affordable places. Our first destination was Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM). Never heard of it? Surprisingly, I stumbled upon it online as well. So go google. But for ya all's convenience, Imma just describe tiny details of it. As the name says it, it's an institute dedicated for plants and wildlife. It is mostly trees and fresh air there. There's even a mini waterfall. I would dip my feet in there if I had brought a towel and worn slippers instead of shoes. (Note: The place ain't meant for people who can't walk 500m without fainting).

Next, we went to Genting Highlands. Yayyyyy~~~~ ya...not much of an excitement but it was our first time there. Though everything is atrociously and inhumanely expensive, the cool air rejuvenated our mind and body. And, that was about it for Genting. Again, we are poor saps.

Lastly, we had a scrumptious meal in Shabu One. Though we always overtake what we can stuff down our throat, I love it there still. It is one of the few places where I can truly be satisfied with my meal. That's how we end our day together. =3 Wish we can do all the time but these fantasies happen once in a while which make them even more special.


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