Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ray Says: Resolution

Hey, it's me, Ray again. Cyren is still M.I.A for the time being but I shall keep you company...for now anyway XD

For this post, I have decided to try something I never tried before because usually, I think it would never work. But this time, out of interest (and a bit of boredom), I have decided to write a list and not just any list. Yes, you guess it, I have decided to write a new year resolution list. YAyyyy....~

Now, as I mentioned, this is my first attempt to create new year resolution. The reason why is that I have seen many of my friends striving to complete their list only to abandon halfway through. In terms of psychological perspective, we lost interest when we try to pursue long term goals, mainly because they are LONG-TERMED and with no immediate feedback on our performance as we slowly complete our list throughout the year, the initiate excitement we experience is hopelessly lost forever...unless u can re-ignite it before the year finishes.

With that idea in mind, I truly hope I won't succumb to it (finger crosses). Anyway, below is my list of things to complete for next year. Cy advised me to keep it short and simple so that it wouldn't overwhelm me.

1) Read at least 10 books throughout the year
As you can see, all the books I bought accumulate since a few years ago and as ashamed I am to say, I barely finish half of them. Not anymore, Imma make an attempt to finish at least 10 books next year and hopefully, the knowledge in these books shall be absorbed!!

2) Travel to at least 3 never-been-to places
As an active, impulsive and energetic monkey that I am, I desire to travel far to unknown lands and conquer. Well, in my case, I just wanna go to places I never been to. FRIM was such a place. Now I can check that off my been-to-places list. It doesn't have to a foreign land, somewhere in Malaysia will do as well. For instance, I have been to Langkawi (hint hint - Cy) :P

3) Build at least 5 new personal Lego designs
Recently, I have been tearing apart my former Lego structures and re-building them according to whatever I can conjure up. Below are a few examples. The first is a Lego island invaded by explorers seeking to dig up its secrets but denizens aren't happy about it. The second is a specially made Lego butterfly for Cyren and readers of this blog. I'm inspired to make more but my imagination may be hindered with works and laziness. So, I limit myself to 5 designs.

4) Save at least RM1 per day
People who know me know that I spent a lot and not just on food and the usual necessities but on Lego (as you can see above), comics and more food. I realize I have to start saving now if I want to spend more on all the above and traveling. Sometimes, I do wish money wouldn't be an issue to me =/

That's all for my list. Cyren should be making his soon, I think, if he's not "occupied". XD

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