Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Ray here. Sorry for the recent MIA. As you all know, it's the holiday seasons and Christmas just passed. It comes to my acknowledgement that this time around, people's schedules are usually filled with shopping for gifts, eating with family and getting drunk with friends. Me and Cy were, without exception, the same as others. Unlike others, we were mostly wasting time in his house (my in-laws' house :P) playing DCU online.

DCU is the latest online game released by DC (the comic corporation that created Batman, Superman etc etc...not any other unrelated acronyms). Honestly for me, I prefer console games than online games but I gotta admit, DCU is pretty fun or maybe cuz it's related to something I like and I'm just being biased...hmmm~

Anyway, that's pretty much how we spent our Christmas. Even as I'm writing this post, Cyren's probably still playing the game (It's that addictive). So the MIA status would be extended to unknown date. But do drop by once in a while just to catch up on the old posts. I assure you, some of Cy's old posts are interesting reading titbit to pass the time.

Coming to an end, I and on Cy's behalf, just want to wish all you blog readers a belated Merry Christmas. Here are some of the stuff I made for this occasion. =3 Have a happy new year

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