Saturday, October 1, 2011

Killer Moth - Bat's Batman Themed Gala

Hey ya'll!!!

So this is something I'd been dying to post up for like a really, REALLY long time (actually it's just been over a week, but that's a long time for me!) but I couldn't because... well Bat's Batman Themed Gala was meant to be sort of a surprise... but anyway since it's over (it happened last night) I can finally blog about it... and good thing I waited, too! Because there were some truly awesome costumes yesterday night and it would've been a shame if I had missed some of those in my post. Anyway in case all of you were wondering, I chose to come as a lesser-known villain from the Batman series (after much deliberation!) and that is no-other than Killer Moth. Now, for those of ya'll who ain't exactly the comic-geek type or do not know much about Batman's other villains (besides the more popular Joker, Two Face etc.), Killer Moth - or Drury Walker as he is known later on - is a super villain who set himself up as an anti-Batman. Under the guise of Cameron von Cleer, he is also a "millionaire philanthropist" who becomes friends with Bruce Wayne, eventually discovering his secret identity as the Batman. Later on in the comic-series Underworld Unleashed, Killer Moth sells his soul to the demon Neron and asks to be feared whereupon he is metamorphosed into the monstrous creature Charaxes, a gigantic moth-like creature who consumes humans and spins cocoons with which to keep his prey. Either way I thought Killer Moth to be quite a suitable character for myself - being a lepidopterist and all that - and although it would have been awesome if I could somehow fashion up a Charaxes outfit, I really didn't have the time and/or budget for it and so decided to go with Killer Moth's classic, colorful - and rather tacky - outfit instead!

Home-made Killer Moth Costume
Original Killer Moth Costume
Cy Wong as The Killer Moth
Not bad, if I do say so myself, but before I start blowing my own horn excessively, here are some mug-shots of some of the other awesome characters that made their appearances that night. Ps. I'm especially fond of Robin and the Harley Quinn!

Bats M. (a.k.a The Burday Girl) as The Batman (I know the costume is a bit off... but it was a surprise party.. and we had to dress her up on the spot... so yeah)
Red-Eyed Ryn as Robin
Thea H. as The Catwoman
Rayray T. as Firefly
Shimmy a.k.a Chimuka C. as The Joker
Imrah as Harley Quinn
Alifiya M. as Poison Ivy
Mr. Moe as Two-Face
Alin as The Riddler
Pretty awesome, aren't they?! And need I add that all the costumes displayed were home-made!!! Eitherway before I sign off, I will leave you with a rather funny anecdote, and  that is some one hour before the party, Robin and Harley Quinn had gone off to pick up the other villains from their home to take them back to our apartment (which was the venue of the event) in Mont Kiara. On the way, they stopped by to pick up two buckets of KFC. You can just imagine the consternation of the diners when Two-Face and Harley Quinn strode right up to the counter to order two buckets of Kentucky Friend Chicken. Apparently the poor waiter was so stricken he'd gotten all his other colleagues form the kitchen to come out and stare. Also he consciously avoided looking at Harley directly... afraid perhaps the Joker would get him for looking funny at his girl? Till next time...

Killer Moth out.


Klex said...

Quite lesser well known... lol, all the costumes looks so cute!

Ray T said...

See ya in Arkham, partner :P

Cyren said...

Hahaha hopefully Killer Moth's revamp will be awesomer :P I'd kickass at the revamp if DC put me in charge of it