Thursday, September 29, 2011

PIns and Needles 24 ~ Skipper (not the sailor)

Anyway, the handsome orange colored butterfly is telicota augias, or the bright-orange darter, which is a relatively large butterfly of the skipper family. Skipper butterflies, which are classified into the super-family Hesperiidae, a group of butterflies which are distinctively different from the majority of the species Papilionoidae. The butterflies resemble moths somewhat in that they posses large compound eyes and rather stocky bodies with strong flight muscles which enable their skittish, darting sort of flight which they are named after. Most skippers though (refer to the one above the telicota augias) are frustratingly hard to differentiate from each other, even to expert lepidopterists what more an amateur like myself!!! So do expect any, typically colored, brown skipper butterflies I find in the future to remain unidentified until I've received some form of help or another from an expert.

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