Thursday, October 20, 2011

Butterfly Catching @ Bukit Bandaraya

Hey ya'll

It's been ages since Khalid has requested that I head off into the forest to catch butterflies with him and though I've been literally "up to here" *waves hand about neck-level* with work, I did finally manage to make some time last Monday (17th October) to head off to Bukit Bandaraya, Shah Alam in search of butterflies. For what it was worth, I must say that it was a most novel experience, trudging off, first into open field and then the thick undergrowth of the forest fringes in search of Mother Nature's fluttering jewels and despite the fluctuating weather and the insistence of the rain to fall down mercilessly whenever we entered 'that' portion of  the forest, we did see quite a large number of butterflies including a rather large and beautifully patterned swallowtail which just only flew out of my grasp.... I will be back. Either way, it felt pretty amazing to be back in nature and if only I can find the time soon, I would most definitely go back again!!!

A pair of blue pansy (Junonia orithya) males, one of the more prized catches of the day! 
Note to self, safari shorts, shirt and slippers may look great... but  perhaps not such a good idea  if you're as prone to skin irritations as I am... plus all those thorns... 


Vincent~ said...

i would like to try it out with u someday, cuz i really cant image butterfly catching currently, is it like spongebob's jellyfish catching? XD

Cyren said...

Hahaha its really quite fun I suppose... then again it might just be me saying that hahaha perhaps you could ask Ray what he thinks of it since he went too... dunno if he enjoyed it as much though. He kept catching things and releasing them again and then catching more things.