Monday, October 24, 2011

Sunway University's Community Mental Health Week

Hey ya'll

Ray just had his Community Health Week event, which was held in Sunway University to raise awareness on various types of physical illnesses and the psychological ramifications/stigmatization associated with them. It was pretty awesome, I think, and they succeeded in drawing quite a large crowd. There were about eight to nine(?) booths in total, I think and they all had awesomely fun activities people might take part in to raise awareness on such issues. Who could forget playing charades at Ray's "differently-abled' booth (whirl? Swirl? TOILET BOWL!!!), or tossing those tennis balls at empty soda cans at the booth for obesity (I was such a bad shot, didn't even hit anything!). I guess all in all, the message I got from their magnificent event was not to take things for granted, also, how important it is sometimes, to have other people believe that you can do this. It's not all about self-confidence, I suppose and if enough people try to break your spirit, they can and they will! But what was I doing there, you say? (Besides being a yentel - a.k.a busybody! - that is...) Performing of course! And despite that nasty head-cold and throat inflammation I had been fighting the past week, I stuck my best foot forward and faced the microphone with my chin-held high... not one of my best performances, I fear but who says this was about me, anyway! In fact, I was just glad that I got to do my part for such an amazing event. Oh, and Ray did a rap too! Did you know he could rap?! Well, I always did. Anyway, a picture speaks a thousand (or was it a hundred...?) words so, here they are

Some of the booths at the event
Activities for the day (from top) 1. Day in the life of a differently-abled person,  2. Sculpting Plasticine into shapes with your fingers tied up, 3. Free hugs for anti depression!

The amazing students/organizers of Psychology Batch 14
And their lovely lecturers who molded them into the little to-be psychologists they are today!!! 

Meanwhile, if a picture tells a thousand words, somebody please tell me why we shouldn't judge a book by its cover?

My carefully sculpted plasticine rose~ 

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