Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Will my anonymous benefactor please stand up?

Hey ya'll

As a rather annoying start for the day, I was gratuitously shaken from my slumber an hour and a half ahead of schedule by my alarm which (in my computer-screen-induced-blindness) I had accidentally set last night, or rather earlier that morning but just when I had peeled myself off the double comforter sheets, taken care of the usual morning necessities and dragged myself to the office, I was greeted by a rather strange message requesting I make my way to one of the other buildings at our university for there was a package awaiting my collection there. Strange, I thought at first, for I knew not anyone from that particular faculty nor was I expecting to receive anything. I was almost quite content to stay in my office anyway and ignore the summons, figuring perhaps that they sent it to the wrong person, when curiosity eventually got the better of me. Picking up the package from the receptionist and opening it, I see that it was most certainly worth the five minute walk! I was jolted awake quite instantly and, despite the obvious lack of sleep I couldn't have felt more awake than I did at that moment. Inside the package, wrapped neatly in sheets of tracing paper were five different butterfly specimens, all dead and dried and in a single tupper-ware, a live papillionidae pupa.

The parcel
An assortment (in no particular order) of papered butterfly specimens
And one live papillionidae pupa. It's like a lottery! I wonder what will hatch from this gigantic chrysalis?
In short, a visiting professor had learnt, by chance, of my fascination for "these most beautiful creatures" and hoped that she could help "fuel [my] enthusiasm" by donating some butterflies from her own personal collection as she would be returning to the UK, soon. It was a pity, though, for she hadn't left her name and/or contact details for me to reach her.

My dearest benefactor,

Whoever you are, I most certainly hope that you are aware of my blog as well and are reading this as I would like to take this opportunity to express my utmost thanks and sincerest gratitude for what I consider a most amazing and priceless gift. Believe me, the specimens are more than, as you have said "mediocre" and I am very certain these will be most appreciated.

with best of regards and sincerest gratitude,

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