Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Costumes

Hey ya'll

I am not sure what the context of the Halloween celebration is, nor do I understand how it has come to be the tradition of the Western world to give children candy in exchange for sparing the family from tricks. What I do know, however is that Halloween has come to provide people like me with an excuse to go parading around, pretending for the span of a few hours, that I am someone... nay, something I'm not! This year, in a valiant attempt to spread the love of Halloween and costumed revelry, we decided to get all decked up and parade about our University although, to be honest our day started in Sunway Pyramid where we got, quite a lot of dissaproving stares from middle-aged aunties... OH get over yourself! It's halloween... loser! Anyway, was sufficiently glad to say that although not many people dressed up (it was exams period!) pretty much almost everyone who came in the office did!!! And here they are, costume count;

1. Monarch Butterfly Conservation
2. Zombie druggie
3. Robin, the boy-girl Wonder
4. Witch
5. Star Wars Sith Lord...err Lady
6. Miss. Pumpkinhead
7. Countess Dracula!!!
8. Bride of Frankenstein
Okay... so it was just like, EIGHT people out of the entire campus ... but for once we were getting all the stare directed at us... okay... so maybe they were stares of dissaproval/wtf? or whatever... but we owned it yo! Also I guess this is quite a way to start off my reputation as a "responsible" and "professional" educator for many of these young minds. Oh well I guess the least they can say is that "Mr. Cyren knows how to have fun!!!" And indeed we did. 

Headquarters of the League of Fictional Characters
We also love having visitors... Imrah a.k.a the Sith Lady is exceptionally scary here...
As the day draws to an end... HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!


Most Desirable said...

Hi, must say those are great costumes and make-ups for Halloween. It's fun that you guys put in real effort and time to celebrate. Happy Halloween, pls do drop by for my Halloween story.

Hidetora said...

hahaha i am gonna share mine too..
kampar as usual so closed minded!! they stared at our group XD

Cyren said...

Hihi... Adrian, I'm guessing?

Yeah, people were staring at us when we weren't in uni either. LOL especially these aunty and uncle giving us disapproving looks. Obviously they missed the halloween memo? :P seems like in M'sia the tradition is that people only dress up in clubs... oh well.


Anonymous said...

That seemed like FUN!! I like your wings, Robin, and the Witch!!!

Thank you for your comment on the Great Mormon.:)

savante said...

Cute :) Went as the Grim Reaper this year.