Thursday, October 27, 2011

Shelldon meets Ariel

Hey ya'll

We bought another turtle recently, one to keep our current baby boy Shelldon company as he seems content... too content to sit in his cave all day mulling about whatever it is turtles mull about. We were going to pick one out from the auntie who sells fish and other marine things in her little plastic bags and containers in Sunway Pyramid but I opted to go check out another aquarium shop instead to scout out for better prices (ten ringgit is a little too steep for a baby turtle, in my opinion). We ended up getting the new turtle from an aquarium shop in SS17. Only seven ringgit, I imagine, and they were a lot smaller than the ones which were being sold at the place in Sunway Pyramid which is good for Ray because apparently he prefers raising things from when they are of that size/age. Eitherway, would you just look at the two of them...

Aren't they just adorable!!!! Which is much more than I can say for the ever-growing snake-headed monster Miju in my room. Nah I joke, we love him too!!!
ps. I decided to name her Ariel


Kaylex (CK) said...

OMG! This brings back memories of my primary school days.. Turtle racing.. haha :P

Cyren said...

Turtle racing? Hahaha how do you race turtles??? Not that they can't run fast ... (these guys can really scuttle!) but... won't they sort of ... scatter in random directions?