Monday, December 20, 2010

Pins and Needles 2

Hey guys,

this is just going to be a quickie picture post. I managed to find some dead butterflies just the other day by one of the lights at my university (poor things must have gotten drawn to them at night) and I was quite surprised to find a Rajah Brooke's birdwing amongst one of them!
attempting to spread the Rajah Brooke's wings
I know if my acquaintence and fellow lepidopterist Kai Vin sees this he will comment on how I am doing it wrong but really the butterfly must have been dead for quite a long time already because its antennae simply broke off the moment I touched it! And that's how brittle it was. There were other corpses too, most of them worst for wear but I managed to pick out a rather lovely Orange Cruiser (Vindula Arsinoe) which was even more brittle its wings actually crumbled slightly when I picked it up.

And I may have damaged them some more during spreading as well.
So there you have it, two more butterflies for me to put into little microwave tupperwares and stick up on my wall. Sounds rather macabre doesn't it, but there you have it. As Anthea would say to me "I hope your little excursions with taxidermy do not extend beyond butterflies and insects" and as I would say, "I can't even touch raw chicken meat without using super long chopsticks!"

On a separate note, wondering what I was even doing in uni on a holiday in the first place? Well, I was checking up on my research proposal and I am quite happy to announce that Dr. Andrew has agreed to facillitate my research paper on Mythical Creatures. He really is the best in that sort of thing. Till next time my friends.

As crazy as it sounds, the easiest way to remove pomengranate seeds is by spanking the back of the fruit with the flat end of a spoon.


Nature Rambles said...

Congrats Cyren! Mythical creatures? That must be very interesting. BTW, every time I come here there's always something new for me. Love your posts!

Cyren said...

Hi Kanak!

Interesting that you should mention, one of my research areas concerns a Hindu Goddess, Kali. Do you know of her?

And thanks :)