Sunday, December 12, 2010

Greetings from Cambodia

Hey guys!

This is gonna be really short and sweet because it is already 8.17 and if I don't budge it, I'm going to miss breakfast. Anyway this is my third day in Cambodia and you wouldn't believe some of the things that's happened already. I must say though, Siem Reap is such a beautiful and scenic town, there's hardly a corner of it that you can turn into and not get inspiration from. Been visiting temples mostly the past few days and on account of the hot sun I seem to have got what is called a "goggles-tan" which, I suppose is a reverse of the panda-eye effect since the skin on all parts of my face have darkened save for the eye-area. On the other hand I seem to have broken my only pair of sunglasses so perhaps, just perhaps the shade will even back out. Anyway that's all I've got for now, but I'll be uploading the pictures I've taken of the wildlife from the forests and town soon enough. Wait for it. And now, off for breakfast - an English style, marmalade on toast and sausages - but tonight, its Tarantula tasting for me!


Nature Rambles said...

Have a great time! Looking forward to your pictures...I know they're going to be amazing!

Cyren said...

Thanks Kanak!