Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Lepidopterist's Haunt

Hey guys!

It's going to be the new year in a couple more days!!! So... why don't I feel like it's anything? Is it perhaps the knowledge that everyday leads on to a day that is just like the other? I don't know.

Anyway I thought I wanted to share some more intimate aspects of my life with you today, and what could perhaps be more intimate that a view into my workstation and living quarters. This is where I spend most of my time really, when I'm not out in the Garden or Parks and Forests doing what I normally do and so, is one of the places which I really feel comfortable in, too comfortable perhaps when there are times when I don't feel like leaving. Then again, perhaps you will understand me better if I told you that this is also my room and, I'm sure we've all had times where we've woken up and not felt like leaving the comforts of our rooms. Well, anyway, let me begin the tour without further ado~
The Memories Wall
Okay the first is my memory wall, perhaps the only part of my room that is not littered with influences from my work, this wall consists of mainly photographs from some of the most memorable moments in my life. Up there you will see postcards from Chiang Mai, that my friend Joe took of the native children, also birthday cards from family and loved ones. The certificate on the wall came from when I was crowned Prom King of my high-school senior prom (a time long past) and the picture above it (the one of the guy leaping) was from the Mr. Monash photoshoot that I did earlier this year. Many photos have come and gone from this wall over the years (some fall off when the blu-tack dries up) but the ones left here are the ones that mean enough for me to continue replacing.

The Mysterious Bookshelf
Moving on to the right then, you will see perhaps a rather strange looking shelf. Many people who've come into my room often take one look at the shelf and exclaim "Do you do magic?!" but that's a question to be answered at another time.

The Shelf of Curios and Curiosities
Most likely, they were intrigued by the strange number of jars and bottles that decorate the upper portion of this shelf. What I can say though is that the jars on these shelves contain various odds and ends that I find during my travels including (but not limited to) rare sillkworm cocoons, strange rock formations, funny-colored shells, and even, an honest to goodness four leaf clover. And below, a rather extraordinary assortment of books on the mystical and the occult that indulges some of my interests in the Spiritual and the Divine. I suppose these books will be put to good use soon during my Honours when I start researching them in earnest. But I digress.

The Lepidopterist's Shrine
Moving on, you will then find yourself facing a rather...peculiar looking area. Most of my friends have jokingly referred to this as my insect/butterfly shrine but what it really is is my Naturalist work-table and where I collect and compile most of my specimens (insects/bird feathers) and notes. The rather intimidating structure on the left of it all is the indoor butterfly breeding cage and you will also see that I've taken to displaying some of my own artwork on the wall.
Live Butterfly Sketches
I will admit this is the part of my room that I like to look at the most, if only because of all the colours involved. And finally, the latest addition to my humble chambers. My butterfly specimens!

Specimen boxes
That have been recently hung up to form my Specimen Wall!

Just a humble collection, but one I am proud of nontheless.
Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed the tour of my workplace and room and for those of you who've had fixed plans, I hope you enjoy a very AWESOME New Year's Celebration! Me, I'll probably just go someplace nearby for a few drinks and fireworks. Will post up some artwork and wish ya'll again when I'm done. 

I think I am beginning to understand now, why some animals choose to live alone.

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