Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Oh Mr. Sheffield!

Hey guys!

I'm not sure if I have done this, but please let me introduce you to my fish, Mr. Sheffield!

For those of you who do not know this, Mr. Sheffield is a Fighting Fish and, in Malaysia, these fish are actually pretty common and can be found sometimes in drains and paddy fields. But Mr. Sheffield did not come from any drain or paddy field, he was bred in captivity and eventually found his way to a pet shop where I bought him for RM10. I have reason to believe that Mr. Sheffield is getting horny though. Yesterday morning I saw him blowing bubbles. One at a time. When I checked on him later today this is what I found

The bubbles are actually a sort of nest that Mr. Sheffield's species uses to store their babies. In the world of fighting fishes it is the ferocious fathers that make good parents. The females, which leave after laying their eggs, play no part in the growth of her offspring. Instead it is the male fish which carefully picks up the eggs and stores it within the bubbles until they are ready to hatch. What do you guys think? Should I get Mr. Sheffield a Miss Fine?

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