Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sick Birds

Oh tragedy!

One of the birds in the aviary seems to be doing rather poorly. Poor Cumulus hasn't been her self lately, being bullied by the other birds and what not but when I saw her sleeping on the floor of the aviary I knew serious measures had to be taken. I have removed her from the aviary for now, keeping her in isolation in one of the smaller cages with which I used to house the other budgies but for now her condition hasn't seemed to have gotten any better. Today when I noticed she was having diarrhea as well I was quite alarmed. I cannot seem to find an avian veterinary anywhere around my area but if any of you know of one, PLEASE HELP ME HERE.

Poor Cumulus recuperating

She's been eating a lot and as such I've been providing vitaming supplements in her food

I suppose, out of desperation, I am just going to try the regular vet tomorrow and ask her if she's got anything she can prescribe or even do to lessen my poor Cumulus' suffering. For now all I can do is what I call "heat theraphy" that involes keeping the cage in a warm location and away from drafts to aid recovery because unlike sick mammals, who usually runs a temperature when ill, a bird's body temperature can drop at a frightfully alarming rate when it is ill. Again, if any of you have the number of a vet you know who can treat birds, please help me here.

Again you can leave the veterinary office numbers/address in the comment/chatbox section or if you like please feel free to sms them to me at 016-3691672 or email them to me at I Really need a vet and FAST because I will be travelling to Angkor Watt soon.


Gwen said...

Hey dear,

this has happened to Jasper before, not to scare you or anything, he passed away shortly after. This is usually the symptom of the budgie after a traumatic experience and events, and at some cases this might lead them limping and occasionally soft stools. I wanted to bring Jasper to an avian vet, but the nearest one i know of is in Pahang. :(

For now, all the advice i can give is, keep her under your watchful eyes till she gets better. I suggest that you try googling some budgie food recipes rich with fibres.

I pray that she will recover soon :(

Cyren said...

Hey Gwen,

I'm actually in Siem Reap right now so my maid is helping with the care-giving. And thanks for the information. How long before Jasper passed away? She looked slightly better when I left Malaysia so I am a little bit hopefull.