Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Playing Nursemaid

Hey there

First of all, thanks so much to those of you who responded to my distress call with well-wishes, personal care tips and numbers of veterinary offices. A trip to the general vet yielded nothing except a cursory glance and a proclamation of intenstinal disturbances resulting in diahrrea. Not much in terms of a "cure" but I do not blame the vet as she was kind enough to admit that she did not have much expertise in the field of avian medication and did not want to risk stressing Cumulus out any further. She did, however, comment that Cumulus is beginning to look better but if the problem persists she would be more than happy to make an appointment for me with her boss (who has some expertise with avian medication) that I might visist his practice tomorrow in Taman Megah. For now there's nothing we can do but observe her condition, which I have been doing yesterday every couple of hours or so

11.30pm (8/12/2010)
Noticed that Cumulus had woken up so I went in to check on her. Encouraged her to drink a bit of water by pressing it to her beak with a plastic spoon and then left her to rest. She proceeded to a corner of the cage and slept

12.00am (9/12/2010)
Cumulus had flown up to her swing and was sleeping there. I took this as a very encouraging sign because she is beginning to show signs of activity and recovery from her earlier disorientation and continence which prevented her even from taking flight!

Cumulus still sleeping on her perch

Woke up to find Cumulus still sitting on her perch, not sleeping but preening herself, which is a good sign because sick birds generally do not take to climbing/perching/roosting on high places due to a lack of balance. Preening was also a welcome sight because it meant that she was not neglecting her personal hygiene

Noticed that Cumulus had made a mess and was having trouble preening without soiling her beak so I took her out of her cage and gently dabbed her (as clean as I could without getting her completely soaked) with a wet cotton swab.

Checkup visit to the vet.

Cleaned out Cumulus' cage (hygiene is very important!) and mixed her daily seed but with added vitamins and calcium from a grated Cuttlefish bone. Cleared out the water too. Have decided, upon advisory of the vets to stop feeding her fruits and soft food for the time being. Covered the cage for warmth and left her to rest (as little human interaction and stimuli as possible is ideal for a recovering bird)

Get well soon baby!

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