Thursday, December 2, 2010

Penang Butterfly Farm Mascot Launching!

Hey guys!

The Penang Butterfly Farm is perhaps one of the most popular tourist destinations in Penang. Butterfly exhibits began to gain popularity England around the 1970s, appealing to the British's love of greenhouses and natural settings. The Penang Butterfly Farm in fact, is the world's first tropical live butterfly sanctuary and was opened to the public in 1986! The farm boasts over 120 species of butterflies and is in fact respected internationally as a breeding centre! However, this weekend something even more exciting is going on there. Yup, its the long awaited launch of Penang Butterfly Farm's official mascots! The mascots, featuring five unique creatures you can find at the farm are; Orni the Butterfly, Juro the Caterpillar, Tacca the Tiger Whiskers Flower, Toro the Rhinocerous Beetle and Dagon the Water Dragon and they represen the five different aspects of  exploring and understanding the wonderful processes of Mother Nature herself.






Aren't they just ADORABLE?! My favourite so far is Orni, him being the butterfly and all and I for one can't wait to experience for myself some of the amazing and wonderful activities they have planned for the day including sketches and dances and, of course, a meet and greet session with the mascots and other live creepy crawlies of the park! Perhaps I can overcome my fear and pick up a scorpion! Anyway, there's no use guessing what will happen, just to wait and see, this Saturday and Sunday (4-5 of December) 11am - 4pm! 

for more information check out the Penang Butterfly Farm Official Website and Facebook Page.

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