Friday, July 6, 2012

Why I love Bugs

Hey ya'll 

I was having a very passionate conversation with Samuel a few hours ago on evolution when we eventually came to a topic that I am most often faced with in casual conversation. "What is it that I like about insects, specifically?" Why the obsession with six-legged critters and not, the majestic lion, per say... or something else? Why insects? Well I actually drafted out a pretty long response to that question and I think I am going to repeat myself here because I don't believe I've ever expressed myself on this matter quite so fluently. But I digress.

So what is it that I like most about insects? Well, where does one start? Insects were one of, if not the first animals to colonize the land. Starting from rather small humble beginnings, they evolved, variated (by pure chance and coincidence, more than anything else) into the complex creatures that they are today! And arguably, they are still evolving!!! The beauty about insects (and personally what I think is their secret to survival) is their tenacity and speed in which their life cycles take place. And insect, in the same amount of time it takes for a larger animal, say a mammal, to reach sexual maturity, could have died and produced generations several hundreds (if not thousands) of times over already! Each of these generations, no doubt, would have varied in some way from the previous one. Adapted through various means at surviving in a constantly changing world.  And isn't that exciting? I mean, just thinking about the potential of variations involved makes me all giddy with uncontrollable GLEE! Now these things, these same things that I've talked about, are not exactly readily observable with many larger creatures. Mammals for example, who cannot "keep up" in terms of evolution. And so while I continue to protect them in what way I can, and contribute towards conservation efforts, I do retain a soft spot in my heart (when it comes to my intellectual pursuits) for my minute but continuously fascinating six-legged friends. To simplify it, what most people find gross about insects (i.e their long legs, poisonous stings, bodily spines) I see instead as something Nature has "awarded" them for their tenacity. Something that improves their species as a whole. And I suppose that goes a long way in helping me overcome the supposedly "inherent" grossness of these creatures.

ps. Yes, I speak on behalf of roaches too! I must admit I am not overly (or at all!) fond of them in that I WILL kill one should it invade my home turf... but I do love studying them as well. Usually from a distance. Like National Geographic distance... or textbook... or I suppose behind a glass tank. 

pps. Yes I do realize I sometimes sound like a crazy mad scientist who will plot to take over the world with my swarm of hybridized insects. I just might.
Insect Queen (not sure if this is Lana Lang) from DC  Universe. I think I might have featured her before in an earlier post on;postID=3770255919803108266insect-based superheroes and villains  

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