Thursday, July 26, 2012

Plant in a Pod

Hey ya'll 

so our dear friend Caryn just came back from a rather eventful trip to Korea last week, and along with her she brought a very new "friend" into our lives; Plant in a Pod!!! 

The "Plant in a Pod" is literally what is sounds like; a small plant in a pod!!! The plant in question is (I'm not horticulturalist so I can only take Caryn's word for this) a kind of remarkably slow growing cactus that requires very little for its survival and therefore, requires very little care. A simple dipping of the bottom half of the pod in water for half an hour or so every 2-3 months will allow the cactus to absorb what moisture it needs to sustain itself. Attached to a length of string or a chain, the "Plant in a Pod" can make a wonderful keychain or even a necklace (as I have fashioned mine) that will be sure to draw more than a few curious stares. Personally I think it looks like something out of Poke'mon or Final Fantasy and gives a whole new (and fun!!!) meaning to the term "adopting a plant". Someone should really consider introducing these here!!! 


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