Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What I look forward to Everynight

Hey ya'll 

things have been pretty much "steadying" itself in the natural world (from my perspective at least) and though it is National Moth Week in the states (oh how I long to participate) I have not seen a vary many variety of moths in our housing area, perhaps on account of the incessant rains and unpredictable haze. I have some butterflies on the spreading board that could perhaps be revealed soon but they are really nothing new and I'm in no rush to do so. What's good about this hiatus, however, is that it is finally given me the time to get back in touch with my performing side! I never truly realized how much I missed singing until a couple weeks back when I made my mind up to audition for the Broadway Academy's Splash Show Choir! The auditions went pretty well, I think, and I belted out my rendition of On My Own (from the musical Les Miserables) as well as the title song of Mamma Mia to fairly good effect although, I suppose I could have done MUCH better...( who are we kidding, eons better) for the dancing segment of my audition. All in all I have a pretty good feeling about it though, I suppose we can only wait for the announcement at this point. In the meantime, I'm so glad I have my "babies" to accompany me every night! Some people have dogs that greet them when they come home. some people have cats who will rub against them affectionately. Well I have both, though, instead of the cats (mom doesn't like cats even though I do) I have Cookie and Honey, and though they may be small in size, they sure make up for it in terms of attachment. 

Ps. I'm totally rocking this new look lately where I wear striking and (seemingly) mismatched colors! I kind of like it!!! Makes me feel like I jumped out of a retro gym-robics video. Or maybe that a lion ate a parrot and threw up all over me. Okay, I'll admit this post is pretty weak as it gets... but no worries, I will find something more substantial to write for my next update. I think it is high time I made another visit to the Ampang Forest anyways! There are some danaiid butterflies I can find there that my Spanish corespondent, Alejandro, would love I think. 

pps. Do you think Cookie looks overweight in that picture? I'm afraid he may be getting overweight.

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