Monday, July 23, 2012

Dust to Dust (and Happy National Moth Week)

Hey ya'll 

the Atlas Moth we had placed in a cage in our garden expired early this morning, and alas, she did not succeed in attracting any mates to her bed. It was quite a somber moment for all of us, to be frank, as we had grown quite affectionate of the little insect over time (to the point that we've started calling her Mothra) and it was quite heart-breaking to watch a creature so large and graceful in its life expire in but a few days. No matter, it is quite fortunate that my skill at pinning insect specimens has improved significantly over the years and we are quite content, I suppose, with the fact that we now not only have hundreds of eggs (that may possibly hatch!) but also a new display which may decorate any room of the house.

Mothra's remains, still in fairly good condition (despite being caged outdoors  for several days
Prepping the moth for spreading proved quite a challenge. In fact, she was so big, I had to prepare a separate spreading tray just for her. The one I use for my birdwings (Troides + Ornithoptera) just wasn't going to accomodate this one! 
What a magnificent display specimen this will make! 
Speaking of which... I will probably need to start looking for a bigger display case/box!!!

ps. It is NATIONAL MOTH WEEK so to all you nature lovers, amateur lepidopterists, and regular folks just trying to get involved in something different and "new", head on down to their website "HERE" and register your location!!! Upload and share any images and information of moths you see!!! I'm hoping I will find a lot more!!! 



Wong Chun Xing said...

Dude, you are the only one from Malaysia that register in the National Moth Week. I would like to but examination comes first.
Goodluck in finding exciting moths during the week.

Cyren said...

Thank you!!!!

I've spotted very few though, I'm afraid.