Saturday, July 7, 2012

Change of Pace

Hey ya'll 

Qing just went back to New Zealand (did I mention that my twin was back from New Zealand for the past three weeks? Well, she was back for the past three weeks) so that means I am the temporary "only child" again!!! Wonderful!!! Although, a part of me can't help but feel as if I wish the roles were changed and it was me who was the one going there... well, anywhere really. But I guess I can't. Too many things here worth holding on to, too many people (and animals!) counting on me. So I guess we'll just have to make the best of the whole situation!!! In the meantime, what's a guy to do but sit by the phone waiting for audition callbacks while I meticulously complete my daily missions in DC Universe Online, at the same time tending to my ever-demanding (but delightful) menagerie of little creatures! Oh I can't wait for semester to start again! It feels good to have SOME work to do. (SOME! But not too much!). And speaking of menagerie, I suppose it's about high time I updated on our little arachnid friends but until a couple of days ago, there really wasn't much to update at all. Still, Keric's (Grammatolosa rosea) molted quite beautifully and is so much larger now. 

I feel like doing things, actually... maybe making a trip back to the Ampang Forest... but it is so difficult with Ray studying hard for his semester finals and no one else to make the trip with me. Honestly speaking, going into the forest is not HALF as fun as it is going with a group. Also on the rare chance you meet an animal you can't take on, it's nice to have the added insurance of extra bodies present to push before starving tigers while you make a quick getaway! I need a change of pace!!! Suggestions, anyone? 


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