Monday, May 14, 2012

The Web pt. 2 ~ Molts, molts, and more molts!

Hey ya'll

As I have said before, it has been quite a week! But just as this has been quite a momentous period for me, I'm sure it was even more exciting for many of my little critters who seemed to engage all at once in an "explosion" of mass-molting!!! Several of the Madagascar Hissing Roaches, one of the millipedes and even our Leopard gecko, Archimedes, molted within days of each other (I got to watch the last of these, and it was quite a process!!! I will be sure to record it again when it happens in the future!). But perhaps the momentous of all these momentous occasions, was the molting of two of my spiders, the very bashful and shy Honduran curly hair (Brachypelma albopilosum), and the much anticipated Mexican flame knee (Brachypelma smithips. we're just on tenterhooks, waiting for its wonderful colors to start showing.

Honduran curly hair (Brachypelma albopilosum). It was really hard to get such a photograph of this spider as it is quite shy and reclusive, retreating to its burrow at the slightest sense of danger
Recently molted Mexican flame knee (Brachypelma smithi). You can see its old exoskeleton still trailing off behind it. Quite skittish, but such a cutie! We're eagerly anticipating her colors to start showing! 
To top it all off! I am expecting Keric to molt too, within the next few days or so which makes that THREE moltings the span of just over one week!!! Totally amazing! I feel like a father of a hundred children right now, though, instead of collecting photographs and things like that for memorabilia, I'm collecting their shed skins instead. One more shed skin for the molt-box~


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