Thursday, May 10, 2012

Greetings from Cookie and Me

Hey ya'll!!!

Sorry for the lack of posts and/or updates recently but I've just been so caught up with work!!! Final assignments are due soon, and so are the class tests/exam period so you can just imagine how hectic things are right now! Indeed, I seem to have come upon the misfortune of falling sick!!! And right at the start of the weekend too!!! How bleak is that! I even had to cancel my forest hiking trip with Joanne (you remember her, from the Light Trapping experiment?) on account of this recurrent fever that just won't seem to leave me be! Go away virus!!! You're so not wanted!!! In the meantime I've had to minimize my contact with Cookie significantly (I don't want to risk sneezing on him or accidentally "transferring" something to him and my poor boy has been pining for his daddy. He will constantly come up to the bars of his cage and call for me when I come home only to be told in as soothing a voice I can muster with half a blocked nose "no baby~ maybe next week, when daddy's better." I think in some small way he knows that I'm not feeling well because he does try so hard to not be in my way. Speaking of which, we have been getting along really well these past few weeks and I think he's beginning to adapt to the idea that I'd be in work most of the day (so he now spends it sleeping) and only back to play after it gets dark. He's gotten so cooperative that I no longer get crabbed at (even when I scoop him out of his bedroom when he's half asleep) nor bitten at all. In fact, we just had our first nail trimming session earlier this week with not so much as a squabble or a peep from him. 

Anyway aside from that things are going pretty well. Cookie is pretty happy, because his nails no longer snag on my clothes when he wants to watch the world from one of my shoulders and so am I because now he won't tear runs in my shirts (AND SKIN!!!!) when he does so. Also, one of the spiders molted recently (I won't say which just yet so that I can blog about them all in one post) and so did Archimedes, our resident mystery (leopard) gecko! He's grown quite significantly in terms of size since them and I think is starting to show some of the beautiful markings he will no doubt possess when he matures to full size. It is on that note that I shall leave you to convalesce. 


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