Friday, May 18, 2012

May Updates.

Hey ya'll

welcome to the weekend!!! Just want to say that I've got some pretty awesome stuff lined up for posting but I've not really been able to find the time. Swallowtail season is back again which means that you will probably be seeing a lot more updates on the butterfly breeding program though I'm afraid the plan to open the butterfly garden in Monash University has been put on hold indefinitely bu I'm still hoping though. In the meantime, it is the week for final assignments to come in, and for students to start prepping for exams so I'm about up to my neck with that (not to mention the "welcome surprise" I am planning for the kids on their last day of class). On another note, I've been re-exploring my performing side once again! Auditioned for a couple of things, including the Disney medley production by the Monash Performing Arts Club (I'm a sessional staff so I am technically allowed to participate) and I may (or may not) be auditioning for the Showchoir Splash by the Broadway Academy since I've got tons of free time on my hand next semester (I'll only be teaching Film and Television Studies... for now). Indeed I've been so buzy I've hardly had time for myself or to spend actual quality time with Cookie (most days he just sits on my shoulder and watches the world while I work) who has been enjoying regular naps lately in the new bed I've fashioned for him out of a used hamster ball lined with old shirts. 

Oh how I wish I could be like him and sleep in for a change!!!


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