Sunday, May 20, 2012

Jungle Gym

Hey ya'll 

Those of you who know me, or who have been following this blog for some time now, will probably also know that when it comes to my animals, nothing can be too much!!! I absolutely love spending time (and sometimes money >.< ) on then, lavishing them with nothing but the most balanced of diets and the best habitats I can possibly set up for you see, while I firmly do believe that animals can make wonderful companions for human beings, I also stay true to my principals that animals ARE unique from human beings and therefore have very different wants and needs. These wants and needs should then be acknowledged, and fulfilled by their human companions wherever possible. For the last few months that Cookie has been with me, he lived in a fairly large cage that I used to house my birds in, but as he began to settle down and fall back into his natural exploring instincts, I could tell that the cage (though large enough to house a pair of small parakeets) was not adequate for my dear Cookie. It just did not have enough space and angles for me to hang the hammocks and swings and artificial foliage upon which Cookie can jump and climb. No, a new habitat was needed and I knew just the place to find one. One week of research (I thought of making one on my own) later, and several trips to sugar glider and exotic animals forums, I eventually found someone who was willing to part with a flexarium for a fairly reasonable price!!! Unhesitatingly, I agreed! A flexarium would be exactly what I needed to construct an adequate habitat for Cookie and that is precisely what I spent my entire day on.

The "flexarium" which is really just some really strong nylon netting pulled across a PVC frame was surprisingly light for its size and equally easy to set up. I could see, despite it being a pre-loved object, that it was in a very good condition with no tears or runs in the netting at all (I was afraid that I might have had to replace this!). Decorating was a bit of a challenge because unlike a conventional cage, a flexarium does not have bars upon which I can hang stuff and one needs to be careful with clips in case they leave runs/tears in the fabric. I finally managed this by using fine safety pins (on the outside of the cage so that Cookie doesn't accidentally hurt himself on one!) and hung all manner of things in such a way that gave him both the freedom and space to jump and climb to his heart's content.

Cookie just woke up, and is exploring the cage! I tried taking him out but he seems quite eager to get back in and just climb every inch of it!!! I think he loves this new environment a lot better!!! 


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