Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ray Says: January Review

So, January of 2012 just and here comes February. Since this is a new year and a new start, I have decided to review the month and all the major events me and Cy encountered.

Let's turn back time to New Year's Eve. It was our first new year eve together and we ended up playing DCU online and watching a lame movie instead of partying on the street. I did end up stealing a kiss from him which as Cy indicated was a sign of us being together throughout the year.

A few days later, I have to depart to Hong Kong with my dad and brother but it didn't turn out to be the exciting trip that I had long expected. I was confined to my family throughout the entire journey and my freedom to roam a foreign was greatly prohibited. Lesson learned: Never travel with parents.

Meanwhile, Cy was confined as well in his own home. Tough parents, we both have. Plus, our inability to SMS drove him over the edge but after my return to Malaysia, things sort of went back to normal. Still, I didn't come back straight to West Malaysia but I returned to my hometown in Sibu, Sarawak. Not much going on there except that I finally got to play my Arkham City. YAY!!! Oh and there was some Chinese New Year (CNY) hysteria with the family.

At last, on the second day of CNY, I return to my second but primary home. This semester, I'm studying Pet Behavior. As interesting as it may seem, it's a tough subject. Good thing I have Cy, the animal guy by my side...hehe.

Well, maybe January may not be a good start for us as a couple but we are still as happy as ever. Now that it's February, you know what's in the air

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