Thursday, February 16, 2012

Anthologies of Keric the Arachnid pt. 2 : week 1 and still not feeding

Hey ya'll 

It's been about one week since I've gotten Keric, and although he/she seems to be adjusting fine to his/her news home and climate, I'm afraid that I've not been having much luck with feeding. Online, as well as other personal sources tell me that I should not be overly worried about this (G. Rosea spiders are notorious for their tendencies to fast over long periods of time) but the paranoid parent in me can't help but fret slightly and wonder if it's because he/she is not partial to the pinhead crickets I've been attempting to feed him/her. I really wish I could try my luck with the meal worms but I'm afraid the fish shop aren't carrying any appropriate sized ones in stock just yet. Perhaps I'll have better luck when I call them next week. In the meantime I've noticed a slight change with Keric and that is his/her toes have started to turn darker in color! Natural process of aging, or perhaps he/she is picking up some of the dirt from the container's substrate? also there's that patch on his/her bum that I never noticed was there before. 

Keric, one week after moving in with us. ps. I moved him into a ear-cotton container, filled almost to the brim with eco-dirt (to prevent him from climbing up the sides and falling from that terrible height) with larger holes drilled into the top of the container. I think he wasn't getting enough ventilation in the pudding cup as it was always getting fogged over.
Anyway I will be going away again for the weekend (I seem to be traveling so much this month!), this time to Pahang, so stay tuned cause I'm about 80% positive that this trip will yield more creepy crawly results than my short excursion to the Genting Highlands. 



HuonHengChai said...

Don't worry too much about feeding. She looks ok in terms of abdomen size, perhaps you should wait for it to molt then consider feeding it.


HuonHengChai said...

Darken coloration is a sign that the tarantula is in pre molt BTW