Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Anthologies of Keric the Arachnid pt. 4: Keric's First Meal

Hey ya'll 

It's been about two days since little Keric had his molt and I finally managed to get a hand on some worms so I thought, why not try my "luck" with feeding? I must admit, I was not expecting much to happen because Keric has been known to refuse food. But lo' and behold, I had barely lowered the worm into his cage when he quite literally pounced upon it, fangs bared! I must say it gave me quite a fright but I fortunately did not manage to do much other than drop the worm upon which it was greedily picked up by Keric and brought to a tiny little corner where he could macerate it at his own pace.

Keric's first meal!!! 
Almost 6 hours later and he's still not letting go!!!


Vincent~ said...

how long does it take for a spider to digest a meal like tat? @@

Cyren said...

I would say anywhere to one week or more, depending on the temperature. The metabolism of most invertebrates is influenced by these things. I'll probably use the size of his butt as an indicator of when to feed him. When it starts looking deflated would be a good time