Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Hey ya'll 

There's one thing I would like to say today before going on about anything else, and that is: I LOVE MY JOB!!! I know that not many people can actually say this with conviction, but I am quite happy and grateful that I can! In case you are new to this blog (though I'm beginning to suspect that this blog is starting to have a more "fixed" following of people) I recently accepted the position of tutor at Monash University, Sunway Campus and while I had originally been signed up for only one subject, it was to my extreme fortune that I now find myself teaching three subjects altogether and they are 
  • Media Studies
  • Postcolonial and Diasporic Literature
  • Mobile Worlds: Migrants, Refugees and the politics of Belonging
The term began pretty much at the start of this week and at the risk of sounding like a cheery chipmunk hyped up on coffee beans, I didn't even mind getting up so early!!! Things seem so much different somehow, being on the "other side" of the classroom and teaching it, as opposed to learning from behind one's desk, and it didn't take me long to replace "anxiety" with "anticipation" as I began to realize just how rewarding and amazing that experience was!!!  

I know teaching is not really meant for everyone, and to be honest besides conducting my little drama workshops and volunteering, I've not had much experience myself... but I really do believe I can see myself doing this in the long run! 

There's an old and simple saying, but a true and honest thought; that when you become a teacher, by your pupils you'll be taught.


Nath said...

Hey Lecturer Cyren, luckily I'm not your student else you STRESS!!! wuahaha

Cyren said...

Hahaha hello Nath!!!

Oh dear haha but you can't be THAT horrible right? I'm sure your own teachers/lecturers absolutely love you!!! At the very least they will know how to motivate you? :D