Thursday, February 9, 2012

Guppies and Goodbyes

Hey ya'll 

It has come to that time of the year again. The time when everyone starts packing up and going off on their own separate ways. Such a blurry of movement is recorded on my Facebook page that at times I no longer remember who is coming or going.. and where! Indeed the metaphorical chaos that ensues reminds me of nothing more than the bird sanctuary after peak bird-watching season, and all the beautiful avians that had come from all around the world to mingle, and breed and raise their voices in sibilant cries and caws have all but taken wing and left for foreign shores. True enough, many will return the following year but right now... things seem pretty quiet at this sanctuary and I can't help but wonder if I had not appreciated as many of those birds as much as I should have... oh well. I suppose there's nothing left but to wish them all a safe journey and a hearty farewell!!! To all my darling birds~

Mei Li the Swan
Crystal the Sparrow
Jern the Owl
Naz the Warbler
Lindley the Nightingale

and of course last but not least...

Kaylex the Penguin (although, Penguins aren't really the sort of migratory bird that would end up in a bird sanctuary... but I know how fond you are of those things... also I might have said "Duck" if not for the negative association associated with the term in Chinese)

I wish nothing but the best for all of you!!! If it is meant to be, may this not be goodbye for good, but goodbye for now! Now go, spread your wings and fly!!! 

Meanwhile, in other less depressing news... we set up a tank today! In my room, on my working table next to the laptop where I do most of my work. We figured that the fishes swimming around may alleviate me from my periodic moments of anxiety!!! So far, so good. I love decorating small contained things!!!

Also I think one of the fish might be pregnant... YAY, babies!!! I love babies!!!


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