Monday, February 20, 2012

Genting Moths

Hey ya'll 

the Genting moths have finally come off the spreading board!!! I've yet to identify them (buzy, buzy, buzy!) but I already managed to snap a few shots of the individual specimens to share with the rest of you here. In the meantime, if anyone of you happen to know which species these particular moths are it would be much appreciated and save me quite a bit of time labeling them before placing them in their permanent display cases. 

You may notice that the hawk moth suffered quite a significant loss of scales during the spreading process (as evident in the third photograph) and that was caused by a rather unfortunate incident involving the insecticides I usually spray on all of my drying insects to deter ants and other such scavengers. 



Brittanie said...

Isn't the orange one an Arctiid? Although I don't remember them ever getting that big but that's the only thing I can think of. If not Saturniidae? :P But species wise I've seen them before I can't remember names. X_X


Cyren said...

Hi Brittanie!!!

The orange moth is not Saturniidae or actiidae. In fact I think it may be noctuidae, a moth of the genus asota sp. but I'm not sure specifically which one. They are quite diverse and many of them have similar markings which makes it all the more tricky.

If I were to take a wild guess I might say Asota plaginota. But I dare not make a definite statement.