Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Rabble of Butterflies

Hey ya'll

As my collection of insects begins to grow and grow, I'm starting to discover that I have increasingly little places in which I can store them. Generally these butterflies and beetles get pinned and stuck on styrofoam boards in plastic containers which in turn get put up on my wall but they have gotten so numerous and so heavy recently that the blue tack eventually gave and a significant portion of my butterfly-wall came tumbling down!!! Fortunately not too many butterflies were damaged and those that lost bits of wing or antennae from the shock of the fall were rather common species that I can replace easily if and when I wanted. As it is, it gave me the opportunity to revisit with each of my butterflies as I moved them to temporary storage. So many memories, so may jungles traversed, so many fields explored, and thanks to some labeling advice from my friend Alejandro I can actually recollect the exact places I found them!

Can you spot the odd one out???


Brittanie said...

Dysphania militaris!!

♥♥♥ What's my prize? :P

Cyren said...


I suppose it would take a lepidopterist, or at the very least someone who is interested in insects to make the distinction!!!

how are the hermies?