Friday, September 16, 2011

PIns and Needles 19 ~ hidden treasures

Hey ya'll

I know one of the things I do publicly on facebook is make myself seem buzier than I actually am (mostly for the bnefit of my family and supervisors... ) but seeing as to how none of them have the links to this blog, you can be sure that I am being quite honest when I tell you... I AM EXTREMELY BUZY!!! And it doesn't help either that the air vents of the office seem to have been switched off. A guy could suffocate in there... really. To make matters worse, coming home now = long hours spent ant-guarding all my specimens (I'm taking no chances!) which basically means more work before it is finally time to sleep... sigh. The good thing about this, though is that I have re-discovered so many butterflies I've had previously that have (up till now) remained forgotten.

From top. Glassy Blue Tiger (Ideopsis vulgaris), Malayan Zebra (Graphium delessertii), Redspot Sawtooth (Prioneris clemanthe), Bluebottle (Graphium Sarpedon),  Orange Albatross (Appias nero), Common Rose (Pachliopta Aristolochiae)

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