Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ray Says: Mutation

Ola! For this column of Ray Says, Imma be all geeky and lament about the comic world, specifically X-men.

Who are the X-men? Those of you who have this question in mind should really climb out of your rock right now. Nevertheless, I shall explain. They are this a species of humans who develop super human powers via mutation. A dude in a wheelchair by the name of Professor Xavier was the first to try and gather a selection of these mutants or "Homo Superior" to teach them on how to use their powers for the betterment of mankind. Because for some reasons, the humans in Marvel Universe detest mutants while embracing the likes of Fantastic Four and the Avenger. Contradictory much?

Anyway, me and my hubby have always embrace the X-men characters with open arms. Ever since we first lay eyes on them, we just couldn't get enough of them. Hubby's favorite mutant has always been Jean Grey or prominently known as Phoenix. As for me, I used to think Wolverine, the feral dude with retractable claws, was cool. Numerous depictions of him later, I grew tired of him and currently, I don't really have any favorites. However, if I were to have a list of my top five favorites mutants for the time being, here's who I will pick (pay no attention to the numeric orders cuz as I said, I don't have a favorite):

1) Gambit - A Cajun native with mad card-throwing skill that makes the projectile ka-boom. His power causes the very things he touched to react subatomically unstable and explode moments later. He's also good with his staff.
2) Shadowcat - From the surface, she looks like a down-to-earth kind of girl but underneath it, she's a woman who can fight her own battles. Along with her phasing power (ability to pass through objects as if they were thin air), she's also skilled in hand-to-hand combat. Plus, she owns a pet alien dragon. Cute right?
3) Emma Frost - Though she is not as popular as the other characters among the public yet, she's growing to become one of the prominent X-men characters. Her on-screen depiction may not do her well, she has been shown to play more important roles in the comic. Siding with Cyclops through all kinds of hell while supporting her role as the first-lady for Utopia. Her powers include the ability to turn into diamond and telepathy with a hint of telekinesis.
Emma Frost
4) Deadpool - The Merc with a Mouth. He may not be a real mutant himself but he has been associated greatly with the mutant community. As a former mercenary, he was subjected to the same thing as Wolverine but it rendered him hideously repulsive. Of course, it comes with great powers. He is able to regenerate faster than Wolverine himself and he's an expert on strategies and weaponry. Furthermore, he's one of the only few characters who can break the fourth world. This is to say that he knows that he's a comic character and his creation is merely to entertain us.
5) X-23 - Yes she has retractable claws. Yes, she's a female clone version of Wolverine. Yes, I mentioned I don't really like Wolverine nowadays. But then, for some reasons, I prefer X-23 over Logan any time. Just like Harlequin, she was popularized by a X-men cartoon series and fans love her so. She has the exact same power as Wolverine and just as ferocious. Personally, I think X-23 is more passionate than her male counterpart. She doesn't really show it but she would when it's necessary. Maybe that's why I like her XD
Enough of my personal likes, let's talk about the recent happenings in the X-men universe. Recently, there is a division in the mutant community. After the events in X-men: Schism, the mutants must decide whether to join Cyclops's team or Wolverine's team. Now, both teams have their pros and cons. Cyclops is a good strategist but he's harsh on his followers. He's more militant now. As for Wolverine, he's more of the hit first ask question later type. Yet, Cyclops wants to seclude the mutant community from the rest of the world whereas Wolverine wants the mutants to mingle with the humans. Here's the images for both teams (sorry about the size)

For bigger quality, go to

Before I end my post, for those of you who care, I wanna know which side would you choose and it would be great if you give an explanation for your choice. Hope I can hear from you guys. Cheers~


Cyren said...

Team Cyclops!

Because it looks like where all the mutant brains are at. And when it comes to survival, blind scratching and clawing can only take you so far. Also all the baddass powers are there. Magneto! Emma! Storm! Magyk... and their new "mutant messiah" Hope.

Colin said...

Omg! I love x men comics! I think that Phoenix is the best mutant out there like seriously she's super imba. Scarlet witch is also quite awesome with her reality warping powers and all.
Ok anyway back to the question, I would pick cyclops side cause he has good leadership skills and yeah it's brains over brawn. Besides that, he has a kick ass team 8D

Cyren said...

Hahahaha oh yeah! Phoenix FTW!!! I'm also pretty into Archangel and Pixie at the moment. They be pretty awesome too, in my books.