Friday, September 23, 2011

PIns and Needles 22 ~ Specimens Update and my Dead Queen

Hey ya'll

half-year-thingiesary just went by!!! It was... quite normal, hahaha. The sad part was we were so excited to catch a movie but upon heading to the cinema discovered that all the good movies we had already watched. Sigh... how boring! Oh well, on to more buggish things. I continued somewhat with the re-organization of my specimens today. Unearthed my little infamous lycaenid box. These were some of the first butterflies I started collecting and I havent' even managed to identify them all. Any help here would be hot.

The lycaenid box. Okay... so I know some of them aren't actually lycaenidae but I guess I stored them in there out of convenience and to save some space. 
Besides those two, I've had another two in to spread today. The first is another magnificent specimen of the Laos Brown Butterfly which, I am told is also called a Tropical Swallowtail Moth (Lyssa zampa) of the family uranidae.

Lyssa zampa. Like the first, it's got one of the tails in it's hindwings torn off... a feature most common with these uranid moths (i suppose it must have something to do with their extremely fragile wings!)
And the next is this one particular insect of which I have grown extremely fond of... my darling Artemis. She expired today, sometime when I was not at home and it was a pity that she did for by the time I had gotten back, those nasty little ants had gotten to her first... they ruined portions of her lower wings and her abdomen. She will be missed lots.

She made good practice, though, as this was my first time spreading a praying mantis, and I do hope at least one of her multiple egg-cases hatch soon!!! Babies, it's time to live up to your mother's legacy in keeping my garden pest-free!!!

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Nature Rambles said...

Cyren, thank you once again!! Your posts are amazing, as always. I don't think I'll ever be able to that deep into the subject of insects...or plants for that matter. For someone so young, I'm terribly impressed with the knowledge that you have!

Hope your week goes well!!